Golden b puzzle in pieces and then solved

What is the Golden b Puzzle?

The Golden b is a mathematical jigsaw puzzle. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master.

The puzzle is made up of different-sized wooden tiles shaped like lower-case b’s. All you have to do is arrange the small b’s so they make one large b.

Simple, right?

Thanks to some mathematical trickery, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Younger players can start with a beginner’s set while geometry geniuses can combine multiple puzzles for an even bigger challenge.

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Golden b puzzles are designed by mathematicians

Made by mathematicians

Created and tested by world-leading mathematicians, Golden b Puzzles give brains a serious workout.

Golden b puzzles are carefully crafted

Beautifully crafted

Cut from strong Baltic birch plywood and engraved with a high-resolution laser, these hand-varnished puzzles will last a lifetime.

Golden b puzzles are infinitely expandable

The challenge never ends

Golden b Puzzles are infinitely expandable. Simply combine tile sets to create larger puzzles: 21-piece, 34-piece, 55-piece or more.

The perfect tool for teachers

Golden b Puzzles make maths fun.

Teachers find the simple puzzle a fantastic tool for introducing students to a range of mathematical concepts: Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio, geometric tiling, the properties of polygons and more.

Get your students to try the puzzle. Then use our simple explanations to show them your understanding the maths behind the Golden b can make it easier to solve. It’s so much fun, they won’t even realise they’re learning!

Find out more about the maths behind the Golden b

High school students learn maths using the Golden b puzzle

Great minds make great puzzles

Michael Barnsley

Michael Barnsley

Michael Barnsley is an international expert on fractal compression and geometry.

The mind behind mathematical discoveries like collage theorem and the Barnsley Fern, Michael loves showing people the beauty and wonder of maths.

Louisa Barnsley

Louisa Barnsley

Louisa Barnsley has worked in hardware development, radar technology and R&D.

A former Vice President at multiple tech companies, Louisa now runs Frango Studios with Michael, developing maths-based games and apps.

Andy Vince

Andy Vince

Andy Vince researches the mathematics of tilings and combinatorics. He collaborates with Michael on a variety of topics, including the properties of the Golden b.

Paul Mailman

Paul Mailman

Paul Mailman is a manufacturing consultant and master woodworker. He individually crafts every Golden b Puzzle at his workshop in Georgia.

b challenged.


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